Here, you are able to purchase anything of which we sell, be it a new cosmetic or a few perks to help you along the ride. Not only do you get the added fun and get to show off to your friends, you help keep ShulkerMC alive and make it possible!
We accept PayPal, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Pre-Paid/Visa cards.

If you are trying to pay with a card, click pay with PayPal, it will redirect you to a PayPal site, on that site, click pay with debit or credit card.

Before purchasing, please make sure your username is correct (as well as ensuring uppercase and lowercase letters are typed correctly). Payments will take no longer than twenty-four hours to process and we implore you to only contact us if you have not received your purchases after this time. Please make sure you have read the full description of the item(s) you buy as no refunds will be issued.

If you have not received your purchases after twenty-four hours, please contact us stating your username, time of the purchase, what you bought, transaction ID and anything else you may believe to be useful.

By purchasing an item, you agree to our terms of service and any extra rules and regulations attached to it. We reserve the right to impose an infraction on anyone seen to be breaching these terms and this may lead to a ban from the network or a removal of any paid for services. All purchases are final and no chargebacks will be given for any reason (unless otherwise stated). Any chargebacks that are given are at the discretion of the server management team and their word is final. We reserve the rights to update or modify our terms of service with or without approval or consent of the customers.

Any personal information submitted when purchasing from our store will always remain private and all information is encrypted. We will not sell or redistribute the information given to anyone.

ShulkerMC is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft. We implore you to refrain from contacting them as they cannot help you and it wastes their time.

If you have any queries, questions or concerns, please contact us via our site or email.